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Mind, Body, and Soul

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Mom I'm Missing You

A tribute to losing a mom. This is a soulful ballad that speaks directly to the heart.  The opening verse grabs your emotions and the rest of the song carries you away. We hope it touches your heart as it has done to many and helps appreciate how special moms are to each of us. Featuring Rodney Whittenberg & Derek Anthony Wilson.

I Miss You

A heartfelt and emotional cry about missing a loved one.  Absolutely a must listen to song as the love pours out of the lyrics and the beautiful melody takes you on a journey. Featuring Rodney Whittenberg & Karolyn Jordan.

Love You Forever

A modern folky tear jerker. This song is viewed through a caregiver’s eyes of a loved one suffering from dementia or illness. It’s about a conversation one would have with their loved one. Featuring Rodney Whittenberg, Bob Jordan & Karolyn Jordan.

Until We Meet in Heaven

A modern country rock and reflective song with faithful lyrics about being reunited with loved ones. It’s a folky upbeat celebration of life and a confirmation of faith.   Featuring Rodney Whittenberg & Karolyn Jordan.

Before We Met

A beautiful love story and first dance wedding song set to a great and popular 1960’s rock and roll melody. Watch musician Steve Silicato preform this song on Facebook.

Last Night

A joyful celebration of life after a night’s dream about dying.  You will absolutely love this country rock style melody as it is a very catchy song you will want to hear over and over again.  This song features an amazing singer by the name of Jackie Kerzner and produced by the very talented Rodney Whittenberg. 

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