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Published in early 2021, Anthony Scafide's Lessons From Life recounts his time growing up in an iconic South Philadelphia neighborhood and the events that follow. Supported by friends and family alike,
Scafide's childhood was an interesting one. 

Working hard at whatever challenges he faced, Anthony was the first in his family to graduate from college.

Lessons From Life by Anthony Scafide

How Growing Up in South Philadelphia 

Prepared Me for Success in Life and Career


After a successful 38-year career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Scafide now enjoys retirement by exploring his passions for cooking, playing the piano and writing music.

He continues his involvement in community banking by serving as the Executive Director of the Insured Financial Institutions Association.

He is a former pizza shop owner and is currently the owner of ATS Productions & Publishing and joint owner of Alandant LLC, an investment and home improvement business.


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