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Countryside Road

Poems for strength & Thoughtfulness

When you’re walking in a valley and your heart is full of fear, listen to the quietness within, you’ll hear someone say, “I am here”.


And when the feeling of despair is beginning to get you down, close your eyes, go within yourself, a special comfort will be found.


It will chase away the sadness, dry all the tears, and as the storms of life begin to blow,

there will always be a whisper in the wind saying, “I am here”.


For there always seems to come in times when we are in need, a special light to make things bright, with hands of Faith, Trust and Hope, in our hearts they begin to plant the seed.


It’s then your heart will hear a knocking, as Jesus will appear, with a sound so gentle as a cool summer breeze, you’ll harken to the voice of love saying, “I am here”.

Whispers in the Wind

These poems and inspirational words are a collection of work done by Anthony's Uncle, Don Capo. Compiling them into a singular location, it is Anthony's hope that these words will extend Don Capo's posthumous reach and help those in need.









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