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Contact:     Anthony Scafide, Media Liaison 

215-485-7505  //

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June 1, 2021 


PHILADELPHIA, Pa.  A new approach to healing of loss and grief by a local man who has been gripped by his own parent’s death and is now helping others with their personal pain and suffering. Through the wonderful comfort and restorative traits of music, a new collection of songs is speaking directly to the hearts and minds of those who have experienced loss, especially due to Covid.  Tony Scafide found it impossible to manage his own grief after both of his parents passed away.  His sadness, extreme pain and loss had broken his heart and spirit, he was devastated for many months and prayed for ways to help him heal.  Following a strange event, he sat down at his piano and for personal therapy, he wrote a song.  He then teamed up with Emmy award-winning music producer, Rodney Wittenberg and produced an album called “Emotions”.  The album shares a musical representation of love, loss and healing.  Here is a sampling of what listeners are saying about the composition:

“Just amazing words that makes me close my eyes and brings warmth to my heart”

“Your songs helped me through my most pressing time of grieving”

“Tony, my wife was in the same memory care facility and I listen to your songs everyday along with the staff and it helps us get through the day”

“Your songs tell a beautiful story, it’s all about family and love”

“I was in tears from the first few words, they were happy tears”

Tony and Rodney are available for in-person interviews to discuss further how their songs not only heal and honor all the emotional stages of life, but also bring uplift to those who are depressed and hurting.  It’s important to note that donations are made to Dementia Research. At this unique time in our world, so many people need help in dealing with their loss.  Tony and Rodney’s musical work are being hailed as a comforting tool, whether at funerals, convalescent centers or group homes.  They are now embarking on writing wedding songs.  For some, Tony’s lyrics are the comfort that other forms of therapy just cannot provide.  His mission is to make as many people aware as possible of this beautiful creation of a musical gift for healing and support.


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