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"It would be no surprise to anyone who walked into my mom’s house that she would somehow serve you a multiple-course meal, and a dessert, like magic!"

Treasured Recipes of
Concetta "Connie" Scafide

An Italian Family Baking Recipe Book

Perfected by my Mom

Compiling years of notes and memories, Anthony Scafide brings the family cook-book to a bigger audience. With an introduction that briefly tells Connie's story, this book is a dive into a time and a mind gone by.


With over 75 recipes to choose from, this book will keep you baking for the future with knowledge from the past.


Apple Pie

Anise Cookies

Cheese Cakes

Easter Bread


Ham Pie

Hot Buns

Pound Cake

Rice Pudding

And Much More

It is my deepest wish, and hope, that you will read this book, and more importantly, enjoy and share the treasured recipes of Connie Scafide.
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