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Music Made to Heal & Honor
the Emotional Milestones of Life

These songs will touch your heart, make you cry, smile, and love.

Spanning the themes of love and loss, Anthony teams up with some well known musicians to share the pain and subsequent relief he felt.

Sharing his Uncle Don Capo’s work, Anthony compiled these inspirational & spiritual words so that they may help others reflect upon life.

Anthony recounts his life from youth to present day with an intent to share the lessons and pitfalls he had discovered along the way.

Anthony Scafide brings the family cook-book to a bigger audience.  With 75+ recipes to choose from, this book will keep you baking for the future with knowledge from the past.

Remembering Anthony Scafide Sr.
Song: Love You Forever

This site serves as a resource for anyone going through what 

Anthony experienced in the loss of his mother and father.


It is Anthony's gift to the world. His hope is that these songs help people

remember and honor their loved ones and that it helps to ease the pain.

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